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Food and Beverage


Is it a fruit? Yep. A nut? Sure! 

Confused? It’s ok. Read on.

Costa Rica is becoming a foodie nation and why not? The Pura Vida mantra lends itself to a very “farm to fork” type of lifestyle. So here at I Love Costa Rica we wanted to make sure you know about some of the fun Fruits, juices, veggies and other healthy things you can seek and taste while in Central America. Regardless of what type of Adventure you seek while in CR you need good fuel for that body. We think that Marañón offers two great fuels in one.

Keep your eyes out for Cashew Apples. They are red or yellow and originate from Brazil or southern Venezuela but can be found in CR as well.


Cashew Apples are also nicknamed “The Fruit of Memory” because they are great for brain function. They are also very high in magnesium and vitamin C. It’s a bit of a mashup when it comes to the taste. Many say it’s a blend of strawberry, cucumber, mango with a splash of bell pepper. If that doesn’t sound amazing, make it into a jam and it’s pure bliss. This fruit is also perfect for chutneys, curries or juiced for craft cocktails.

The seeds of the red or orange fruit contain zeaxanthin which are good for the eyes and help your retina combat harmful UV rays. There is plenty of sun in Costa Rica so eating one of these a day may keep the eye doctor away!

Other uses? They have also been used to help with a sore throat and can also have cleansing effects.. So don’t eat too many at one time ;). Or maybe if you are looking for a good cleanse! To each his own.

We digress: Don’t let the fruit take all the credit!! This isn’t just a fruit ya know? It’s a BOGO (buy one get one). Yep, there’s a nut down at the bottom of that fruit! 

You get two for one when you find these on the tree because before picked you can see the nut and the fruit together as one, like this.

Cashews have become very popular for milk in the Ketogenic diet where humans train their body to burn fat as fuel instead of sugary carbohydrates. To eat the cashew you need to peel them and get them softened. The picture above only shows the outside of this double hulled wonder when when you peel it you may recognise this as a common cashew.

We think taking a bite out of one of these guys will change the way you look at a cashew forever. Did you know that cashews all came connected to a juicy and wonderful fruit? Well now you do :).

Pura Vida, friends!

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PS: if you are staying in San Jose you may find tons of great Marañón here:

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