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Horseback Riding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s equestrian traditions date back to the 16th Century and the era of Spanish colonization. In fact, up until the 1970s, horses were the main form of transportation for most Costa Ricans – the original all-terrain vehicle, so to speak.

Today, horses are still widely used for ranching, getting around, and tourism – especially in rural areas. It’s still common for families in the “cowboy country” of Guanacaste Province to have at least one horse – and in many cases, no car.

Costa Ricans love their horses, and a rich tradition of folklore and celebrations is the result. Most towns hold yearly horse parades or Topes and competitions where whole communities come out to participate in the revelry.

Horseback Riding Tours

There’s nothing more romantic or impactful than exploring an exotic country on horseback. Most tourist destinations in Costa Rica will have more than one horseback riding tour available, providing options like a beach, forested, or mountain ride. And most include a ride destination that is certain to WOW, such as a waterfall, volcano overlook, beautiful beach, etc.  

Costa Rican breeds of horses are generally smaller than in Europe or the U.S., and some providers have weight limitations of 225 lbs or so. It is also recommended to book with an ICT licensed company to ensure safety regulations are followed, and the horses are well cared for. 

If you have any health limitations make sure to check with the tour provider to ensure your wellbeing. The type and duration of the tour are also important – a three-hour ride along the beach under the hot sun may not be your cup of tea. Opt instead for a cool and leisurely ride through the mountains to a refreshing waterfall.

Questions or concerns? Speak with a I💚CR representative.

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