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Starbucks Coffee Farm, Hacienda Alsacia

Hacienda Alsacia's Picturesque Location

Hacienda Alsacia, nestled in the lush foothills at the base of Poas volcano, offers visitors and coffee connoisseurs alike an immersive farm-to-table journey. A scenic drive of 45 minutes outside of San Jose in San Luis, Sabanilla, Alajuela, the farm serves as Starbuck’s headquarters
for innovation and sustainable agronomy practices. The Visitor Center overlooks the beautiful countryside and welcomes guests to a 90-minute walkthrough tour of the entire coffee production process.

What to Expect from the Hacienda Alsacia Tour

Take a deeper dive into the Costa Rican culture and community that cultivates and delivers coffee worldwide as its number one export. The tour shares information, research, and solutions to sustainability issues that smaller coffee bean farmers face, such as rising production costs and diseases that destroy crops. At Hacienda Alsacia, guests witness firsthand what the future of coffee will look like: best practices, the breeding of hybrid seeds that resist disease, and a sustainable and holistic model that ensures excellence and profitability for coffee farms worldwide.

Why Take the Hacienda Alsacia Tour

Coffee lovers will enjoy the insightful, highly interactive, and family-friendly tour from expert Starbucks employees. The journey includes observing and participating in the sustainable coffee production process: starting by viewing seedlings in the nursery and ending with tasting a brewed cup in the café. Guests travel through the wet mill, greenhouse, roaster, beautiful coffee fields, and more, leaving the immersive, hands-on experience with a new appreciation and understanding of the caffeinated beverage. 

Extra Perks of Hacienda Alsacia

The onsite café offers magnificent, panoramic views of the Costa Rican countryside, where visitors at the end of their tour can relax, taking in breathtaking views with a freshly brewed cup of Hacienda Alsacia java. The café is also open to the public, offering delicious, locally sourced breakfast and lunch cuisine. Fun souvenirs that guests can take home with them include specialty Hacienda Alsacia coffee mugs, t-shirts, bandanas, tote bags, stainless steel water bottles, and much more. Plus, don’t forget to pick up a bag or two of the exclusive, fresh-from-the-field ground coffee. 

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