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Around the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve is the funky bohemian beach town of Montezuma. Montezuma’s charm is more than its blend of eclectic residents and quaint downtown. Its positioning at the base of the peninsula’s cliff-ridden southeastern coastline gives it dramatically stunning scenery and geographic diversity.

Each of the town’s beaches is different. They range from soft white-sand coves, rugged red stone beaches, shell beaches, and the immense flat expanse of Playa Grande. It’s small, but several hotels and hostels are scattered along the coast and in the hilly interior. Most of them have air conditioning but no TVs – despite their level of luxury or lack thereof. The proprietors prefer their guests to socialize over surfing social media.

Cascada Montezuma

In addition to the regular menu of adventure tours served up in Costa Rica, Montezuma has a string of waterfalls to enchant anyone willing to hike the rugged, riverside trail.  There are actually three falls to see, each with deep pools for swimming. Although it’s common to see brave (or foolish) individuals jumping from the waterfalls’ heights, it’s extremely dangerous. Several broken bones and even deaths have occurred over the years, so beware.

Another way to enjoy the falls without the steep hike is by canopy tour. Montezuma Canopy Tours is located above the falls. Its several cables and zip lines crisscross above the river. The experience includes a dip in the waterfall pools.

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